“A Del Staecker presentation is an experience not to be missed.”

Lessons Learned from our Greatest Generation

They concquered the world and returned home to build modern America. The "Greatest Generation" lived by simple, enduring principles, which are examined, explained and shared by Del.

Telling Life Stories

Every life is a poem — filled with trials, suffering, victory and joy. Del reveals insights into his methodology for storytelling and memoir writing.

Transforming Your Life

Burnt out at mid-life, then an award-winning author — Del shares the ups, downs and rewards of starting over.

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“Your audience will thank you for selecting this military veteran, scholar, outdoorsman, and Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts to be with them.”

It's amazing!
Sailor Man should be required reading in boot camp... in high school...somewhere!”

—Underrated Reads

“The Lady Gangster is a great example of what history should be about.”

—A World War Two historian