Multi-faceted and immensly entertaining!

Noted author Del Staecker delivers thoughtful content tailored to delight and enthrall your audience no matter the length of the presentation. Whether examining the exploits and influence of World War Two's heroes, sharing life-transforming experiences, or illuminating life through storytelling, Del Staecker is an amazing talent!

Topic #1: Lessons Learned from Our Greatest Generation

After writing two award-winning books about World War Two, Del embarked upon a study of the men and women of the Greatest Generation. His findings and insights will illuminate your audience about the winning ways of WWII veterans.

"I never knew the depth of their sacrifices. They are more amazing than I ever could have imagined." - An audience member

Topic #2: Telling Life Stories

Del shares how he used innovative and varied techniques to pen two fascinating memoirs. Follow his path and learn how you can tell someone's life story with energy, truth and compassion.

Topic #3: Transforming Your Life

During his fight against leukemia when a teenager, Del compiled a "bucket list" that set him upon a path of adventure and accomplishment. It also led to his burnout in mid-life. Truth and humor are Del's tools to explain how he changed course mid-stream to live a renewed, fulfilling life - and how you can, too.

Who is Del Staecker?

  • Author of award-winning fiction and non-fiction
  • Lifetime Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts
  • Knight with Honor, Order of St. John (Malta)
  • Originator of The Donor Bill of Rights
  • U.S. Army veteran
  • Honors Graduate, The Citadel, class of 1972
  • Cancer survivor
  • Son, brother, father, husband, and friend

Books by Del